Research & Development
3D FEA Analysis 
  • Modeling Program : DEFORM/Solution
  • Daerim utilizes 2D & 3D solution programs to predict optimal processes and design results.
3D CAD/CAE System Efficiency
  • Cost savings are achieved through reduced design time.
  • Errors are minimized by interpreting virtual 3D models.
  • Enhance creativity through design validation.
NoDescriptionOriginDate registeredRegistration No.
1Duplex Trimming device for YokeKOREA2002No.297708
2Manufacturing equipment & method of Helical Pinion GearKOREA2005No.0478728
3Manufacturing method for Inner Spline of Upper ShaftKOREA2007No.10-0792202
4Manufacturing equipment for Inner Spline of Upper ShaftKOREA2007No.10-0750062
5Upper Shaft for Steering Column of AutomobileKOREA2010No.30-0551880
6Equipment for removing burrsKOREA2010No.10-0994788
7Manufacturing method of Upper Shaft for AutomobileKOREA2011No.10-1021311
8Steering Spline Joint Yoke for AutomobileKOREA2012No.30-0659614
9Tube, Yoke, Trimming SystemsKOREA2017No.10-2017-0037016
10Steering Yoke Complex Deburring equipmentKOREA2018No.10-2018-0037965
11Manufacturing method of Housing Lift for Automobile engine typeKOREA2019No.10-2019-0152423
12Manufacturing method of Roller Tappet Housing KOREA2020No.10-2020-0092978

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